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Yoga simply means to “connect”. At Over The Rainbow Yoga, our aim is to bring the simplicity of yoga to everyone through poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises. All doing so whilst having FUN!

This style of yoga is gentle and is designed to help children especially, to reconnect with themselves and each other. The emphasis of learning is based around the enjoyment of the activity rather than the beneficial goal that is related to yoga.

Children are subjected to the very fast paced and hectic lives that we all currently live. Things have changed over the years, there is more stimulus, more expectation, and as a result the stresses that we as adults have, unconsciously get passed on to our children. Our yoga classes are a way of disconnecting children from those stresses and giving them time to do something good for their mind and body without competition, without expectation and giving them permission to have fun and be happy. We are teaching them a set of tools that they can continue to use as they grow to help them manage difficult situations, to help them stay focused and to include this ancient and beneficial technique in their everyday life.

“Hi my name is Crystal. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 5 years. I began using some of the techniques I had learnt with my daughter at age 2 to help with some issues she had and to my relief, they worked. I continued to explore the benefits of these methods on a deeper level and dedicated my time to learning more and how I could pass this knowledge on to others. I am a graduate of the Rainbow Yoga Training School, an internationally recognized centre for Yoga and have trained extensively as a meditation guide for both adults and children.

Crystal Lim


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Yoga helps the mind and the body to work together through body movement, breath and mental awareness. Our classes provide a structured and safe environment for everyone to express themselves and participate at their own pace and on their own terms.

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